Our Process

Planning doesn’t have to be hard. We are here to help.

You’ve worked hard for what you’ve saved and built. If you could have created a comprehensive estate plan on your own, you would have already. The truth is that 60% of all American adults have no estate planning documents and many that do have planning documents in place don’t really know how or if their plan will work.

If you’ve not yet started planning, there’s nothing wrong with you. There are just so many things that you don’t know about getting from where you are to where you want to be. You need a plan that gives you the understanding and peace of mind you deserve.

In today’s world of planning choices, it’s difficult to know what will really happen at sickness or death.

The way to obtain the peace of mind you want is to follow a proven path to creating the results you want:

  • a predictable information gathering process to determine what planning is right for you;
  • a shift in mindset from estate planning as nothing more than document acquisition or death planning; and,
  • the help of a trusted team to create and keep your plan on track.

Our process begins with a Get Acquainted Call of not more than 20 minutes to gather some very basic information about you and what you hope to accomplish. If after the get acquainted call, we agree there is “a fit” for both of us, we move on to the discovery phase.

In the discovery phase, we’ll provide you with a Confidential Discovery Workbook to help you gather your family history and financial information. When all your information is gathered and submitted for review, we’ll happily schedule a strategy session to determine what planning is right for you.

Your Get Acquainted Call will occur by phone or Zoom video conference, your choice. There’s no charge for the call, with no pressure to work with us further.

It all starts with a decision to say yes. Once you make this commitment, you’ll be on the path to a plan that will change your course from one of uncertainty to peace of mind. Let’s get started. It’s that easy.

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